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The Upper rideau Lake Association has created a web page and is hosting an All Candidates Meeting on October 6 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the North Crosby Community Centre (875 – 8th Concession Rd) to hear each candidate’s answers to our six questions. Help decide who best represents the interests of residents of the Upper Rideau Lake community. This year you can vote online or by phone so if you are a seasonal resident you will find it easy to help elect a representative who shares your priorities. Click HERE to see who can vote, if you are on the voting list, how to get on the list and how to vote on line or by phone

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Benefits of membership

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FOCA acts as an information bridge between policy-makers and roperty owners on significant issues, including:
The long-term environmental integrity of Ontario’s freshwater resources
Fair property taxation
Effective land use planning
Risk management for volunteer groups
Rural safety and emergency preparedness in the face of extreme weather developments in recent years


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