All candidates meeting final report

Many good things are happening in the Township of Rideau Lakes. Here is the report on the All candidates meeting held last fall. 

All canditates meeting
See the full report here.

…the meeting was a success and that URLA’s sponsorship of this event, the only all candidates meeting in Ward 4, was appreciated. Many of the 60 plus individuals attending the meeting expressed their appreciation to members of the working group following the meeting and indicated that they felt better able to exercise an informed vote. Several individuals who attended all the All Candidates meetings in the township indicated it was the best organized. The meeting also received positive headlines in the Review Mirror “Lake association all-candidates format proves popular”.

Lake related issues were front and centre of the campaigns of both mayoral candidates and most Councillors in all wards. All were aware that 65 percent of assessment comes from waterfront properties. Participating candidates’ positions on other key items of interest to lake residents such as mandatory septic inspections, spending priorities and waterfront development were clear and should have assisted attendees in making an informed choice when they cast their ballots.

Despite all positions in the Township being contested by strong candidates and voting made more convenient by an eight-day internet and telephone voting period, voter turnout across the township was down to 41.31%, from 43.91 in 2014. Turn-out in Ward 4, North Crosby-Newboro was a disappointing at 40.3%.

Attendance was also down at the All Candidates Meeting, sixty-seven participants vs a hundred in 2014 when the Westport sewage treatment was top of mind. Increased publicity in the Review Mirror, on social media and an excellent URLA website all of which went to significant lengths to educate seasonal residents that they were eligible to vote and that they could do so remotely were not enough to impact voter turnout. Much work remains to fully engage our members, waterfront property owners and the broader North Crosby-Newboro community.

2018 All Candidates Meeting Report to URLA Board

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