Ticks and Lyme Disease

Leeds and Grenville Health Unit Logo

To: Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Health Care Providers
From: Dr. Paula Stewart, Medical Officer of Health
Date: March 19 2019
Subject: Ticks and Lyme Disease
The 2018 tick season was much lighter than in 2017, with fewer reported cases of Lyme Disease, likely because of the dry summer. Reported cases of Lyme Disease occurred throughout Lanark, Leeds, Grenville.

Ticks 1 .  Ticks 2

A detailed analysis of 2018 cases of Lyme Disease and tick related emergency visits is available on the Health Unit website at: https://healthunit.org/for-professionals/health-care-dental/communicable-disease-resources/ticks-and-lyme-disease-memo-feb-2019/

Ticks 3

The Health Unit Reportable Disease Toolkit
outlines reporting requirements, clinical
presentation, testing, diagnosis and treatment

resources. https://healthunit.org/for-

Starting April 1, individuals can submit a picture of a tick to this website for identification and for real time mapping of the submissions.


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