URLA 2019 Tree and Shrub Programs

Naturalized lake shorelines trap runoff effectively,  acting as a buffer to absorb contaminants that keep lakes cleaner and also reduce algae and weed growth.

Additional vegetation reduces erosion and provides better overall habitat for may fish species.

Planting more trees and shrubs along your shoreline is among the easiest and most beneficial things you can do as a property owner to help protect the lake for future generations.

To encourage more planting along the lake, the Upper Rideau Lakes Association (URLA) with the support of the Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation and Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, is pleased to announce a new program for property owners on Upper Rideau Lake.

The program will provide low-cost potted trees and shrubs, and bareroot seedlings for planting in May, 2020. The cost for URLA Members is $3 / tree or shrub ($12 for non-members). The bareroot seedlings are FREE for URLA members.

“We are grateful to the support of the Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation and the help of the Rideau Valley Conversation Authority in helping to defray the cost of these trees and shrubs,” said John McDowell, URLA President. “Planting trees or shrubs near the lakeshore will make a huge difference to the quality of the lake for years and years to come.”

McDowell said this is the first year of the potted tree program, and he is excited about the reaction he has received to date. If there is sufficient demand, he said the URLA will consider continuing the program in subsequent years.

Two Gallon Potted Trees / Shrubs
These two-gallon potted trees and shrubs are ready to plant. The saplings are 45 cm to 1.5 meters depending on species.

Silver Maple, Sugar Maple, Bur Oak, White Birch, White Pine, Spruce, Larch / Tamarack

Serviceberry / Juneberry, Highbush Cranberry, Black Elderberry

Bareroot Seedling Program
Seedlings are only available in bundles of 10 and should be planted soon after delivery as they are perishable and require refrigeration. FREE to URLA Members.

Red Maple, Bur Oak, Red Oak, Silver Maple, White Birch, Eastern White Cedar, Eastern White Pine, Hard Sugar Maple

Pussy Willow, Sandbar Willow, Red Osler Dogwood, Highbush Cranberry, Nannyberry, Buttonbush

Contact URLA Lakeshore Director Steve Moretti.

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