A year like no other…

An update from John McDowell, URLA President
Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 10.40.53I hope that everyone is keeping healthy and well.  I’m sure that you are looking forward to the warm weather and enjoying the beauty of Upper Rideau Lake and region.  The ice has now been off the lake and spring has started!

This year, however, is so far like no other.  The coronavirus has disrupted the lives of all, and ended the lives of some, Canadians.  Our governments tell us this virus will continue to be dangerous and a personal challenge for some time to come.

Speaking personally, I find the worst of “social isolating” is the uncertainty – we don’t know how long this will last.  So, we tend to live almost day to day, and look forward the day when normalcy, perhaps a temporary “new normal” will return.

To some extent, this “uncertainty” affects certain decisions and operations of our lake association.  And yet, like every year, most things remain relatively certain and predictable.

Here are some tangible examples of activities that the Board is working on.

Boating on our lake. 
We are determining the best way of placing our shoal markers on our lake, as we do every year.  However, the municipality of Rideau Lakes has ordered public boat launches closed for now, and all Parks Canada facilities are temporarily closed.

Tree and seedling program
Many of you have ordered young trees (seedlings and saplings).  We are confirming delivery logistics with the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority – stay tuned on when, where and how these can be picked up, later this spring.

Thanks to our volunteers. Volunteers will continue with our lake water testing, in ongoing support of watershed management and a healthy lake.

We will have an Annual General Meeting – it is scheduled for July – and we will let you know as soon as we can when it will occur and who our keynote speaker will be.  We are very much looking forward to this event – even more than usual – and seeing everyone of you!

I should also flag two important administrative items.  First of all, there will likely be a few openings for volunteers on our Board, for the year ahead.  The Board is a good and fulfilling place to volunteer.  While special skills are always valuable, two attributes that contribute to a successful Board are a willingness and availability to lead work in one’s specific area, and a passion for serving Upper Rideau Lake!

If you or a friend would like more information on volunteering for our Board, please send me an email.

The URLA also needs to receive membership renewal – this year, the household membership is $40, due by the end of June (and ideally remitted earlier).  Membership can be paid by online here.  If people have questions, please contact our membership coordinator Anne Carter

Please feel free to pass on information about our Association to neighbours, and new arrivals on our lake, to help us recruit new members.

Take care everyone, and best wishes for the spring!
President, Upper Rideau Lakes Association

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