Minutes, 2019 AGM





Saturday, July 6TH 2019, 10:00 a.m.

North Crosby Community Hall, Westport, Ontario



9.30-10.00 am Registration and coffee and muffins

Between 65 and 70 members, guests, and members of the Board of Directors were                                 present





Christine Skirth, the President, was unable to attend.  Anne Carter, Membership Director, chaired the meeting and welcomed everyone to the 30th Annual General Meeting of the Upper Rideau Lake Association and thanked everyone for coming.  She introduced invited speakers:  Arie Hoogenboom, Mayor, Township of Rideau Lakes;  Robin Jones, Mayor of the Village of Westport; Michael Yee, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority; Jayne MacDonald, URLA Past President, Lake Partners Program.  Also present were Rideau Lakes Councillors Bob Lavoie and Ron Pollard and Westport  Councillors, Barry Card, Melissa Sullivan and Dr. Bob Roberts.   Please join us for a hot dog barbeque complete with birthday cake following the meeting.




  1. i) Mayor Arie Hoogenboom – Township of Rideau Lakes


Mayor Hoogenboom talked about being fiscally responsible, spending, and reducing debt. He has been involved with many services and infrastructure projects such as: the creation of 7 Community Enhancement Committees, which are the umbrella organizations for the Township volunteer programs;  the formation of the Rideau Lakes Lake Association Committee and grant program, John McDowell is the Upper Rideau Lake Association representative and we received $2266.00 in grant money to be used for education, safety, scientific, ecosystem projects and studies.  County Rd 10 improvements;  Looking at alternatives to roadside spraying;  working with contractor to improve recycling issues;  increasing the number of mandatory septic re-inspections to 300 from 150 for this year for Big Rideau Lake, Bass Lake and the Islands;  Smiths Falls Hospital grant – $100,000 over a 5 year period;  Official plan update meeting – Open House – Waterfront development –  July 12th ; landfill site closing July 31st; dealing with leachate issue at the waste site; demolition of building on Gallagher property in Portland; and, working with the owners of Jubilee Block on development issues.  The contract has been awarded for live stream council meetings commencing September.  New municipal website is up and running – www.rideaulakes.ca as well as new emails for staff.



  1. ii) Mayor Robin Jones – Village of Westport


Mayor Jones introduced the members of the Westport Council, Barry Card, Melissa Sullivan and Dr. Bob Roberts.  As Warden of the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville for the last 2 years, she has been involved with the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) project to improve internet, broadband, and cell coverage in rural areas.  The Provincial government announced in May it will be providing $71 million dollars funding to support this.  An application was made to the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund for $5 million for improvements to fix Bedford St.  Will be informed in October whether successful or not.   The new wastewater system is working well, however there are capacity issues mainly due to illegal sump pump connections which is holding up new development.  The mayor stated that she is in the process of drafting legislative authority that grants authority for municipalities, under certain circumstances, authority to enter a dwelling house for the purpose of inspection for illegal sewar connections.  A lawyer is drafting legislative options but a credible science based argument why the discharges to the lakes and rivers pose environmental threats and should be discontinued is needed.   The mayor asked if anyone is able to provide scientific information on this issue, to please contact her.


Question – Allison Smith:  Will there be gas at the harbour.  Mayor Jones – no gas due to environmental issues.   A new contract has been negotiated with Le Boat.  There may be a pumpout.


Harbour Committee – Councillor Melissa Sullivan is the Chair.  Looking at buying property, dock repairs and beautifying the entrance area.  An agreement was reached with the homeowners on Fetch Murphy Way.  Widening will be done to improve parking and public safety.


iii)  Michael Yee, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority                     


Michael Yee, is an Environmental Planner and Biologist with RVCAHe talked about how the lake has changed over time.  In the early 90’s the lake was green.  Lake is clearer now and phosphorus levels not as high.  He talked about watersheds and habitats.  Water cycle – 40-60% evaporates; 30-50% infiltrates into the soil; 10% runs off surface into water bodies.  Nutrients are good but not in excess.  We have double the nutrients; algae dominated; need sustainable drainage or low impact development that is natural.  He talked about wetlands and forests and the benefits of a naturalized riparian buffer and 30 meter setback.  Want to fight erosion, discourage geese and spruce up your shoreline? RVCA offers a full service subsidized shoreline naturalization program.  For further details contact Meaghan.macdonald@rvca .  RVCA is also working with municipalities to establish workshops on how to to infiltrate storm water naturally.   The “Lake Protection Workbook” is a self assessment tool for shoreline property owners and is available on the RVCA and FOCA websites.


In closing – Waterfront Living – Think about what you can do to give back.


  1. iv) Don Rasmussen – Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation (RLEF)


Don stated that the Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation was set up as a charity intended as a way to raise funds for the Big Rideau Lake, Upper and Lower Rideau Lakes.  Requests are received from various organizations for funds for environmental studies and projects useful to the lakes.  The RLEF consists of 7 members, 5 from the Big Rideau Lake Association and 2 from the Upper Rideau Lake Association.  There are no overhead expenses, so all money donated goes directly towards projects and studies.  There are ongoing projects so an annual income is required.   Please donate.  If you have any ideas for projects on the lake, please contact us at www.rlef.ca .  We issue income tax receipts.



  1. v) Jayne MacDonald – URLA Past President, Lake Partners Program – Tribute to Jack Cook (URLA Founding Member)


Jayne McDonald dedicated her presentation to the late Jack Cook, URLA Founding Member, who passed away in 2018.


The Lake Partner Program in conjunction with the Ministry of the Environment began the water sampling program on 3 locations (Kane’s Bay (Jack Cook), McNally’s Bay (Jayne MacDonald) and Mulville’s Bay – Brian and Diane Wilkinson) on the Upper Rideau Lake.   Water is tested for phosphorus, calcium and water clarity.  Phosphorous levels are high, development being the main cause.  Calcium levels are not a problem.  Jayne provided a secchi disk demonstration that is used to measure water clarity.  In 1990 Jack’s mean was 1.7 and in 2017 the mean was 4.4.  Before 2000 the mean was 2.5 m and 2000 and later 3.9m.  The Health Unit tests Foley Mountain Beach once a week for ecoli.


Jack Cook was President in 1990 of the Concerned Citizens of the Upper Rideau Lake (CCOURL).  The name was changed to the Upper Rideau Lake Association at the 1990 Annual General Meeting.  Jack was involved with the Strategic Planning Committee in 1990 which developed and recommended short and long term goals for the Association and various other Committees to address water quality concerns.


In closing – we all still need to continue to do due diligence.




The minutes were posted on our website for the past year.   There being no errors or omissions –

MOTION: THAT THE MINUTES OF THE JULY 7th  2018 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING BE APPROVED. Moved  Don Rasmussen:  Seconded by George Ingram  Motion carried


  1. PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Anne Carter


Anne introduced the current Executive members:  Christine Skirth, President (absent); John McDowell, Lakeshore/Government Liaison; Anne Carter, Membership; Theresa (Terry) Frostad, Secretary; David McKinney, Public Relations/Webmaster; Dave Counter, Water Quality/Navigation Buoy Program; Diana Kemp, Community Affairs; Steve Moretti, Member at Large; Michael Hogan, Member at Large.  There are 3 members of the Board who are stepping down this year, Christine Skirth, President, Murray Kane, Treasurer and Diana Kemp, Community Affairs.   Anne, on behalf of the Board, thanked them for their many years of dedicated volunteer service to URLA and wished them well in their future endeavours.


  1. FINANCIAL REPORT – Murray Kane


Murray presented the financial report for the Year Ended April 30, 2019, as prepared by the firm of Nephin Winter Bingley, Chartered Professional Accountants.   Copies were circulated at the meeting.  Assets are listed on page 3, expenditures on page 4, exceeded revenues by $894.00 this year.



Moved by Wendy Stewart,  Seconded by Joan Duncan –  All in favor        Motion carried


Report attached to Minutes




Moved by Allison Smith, Seconded by Melanie Tod – All in favor                                      Motion carried





  1. i) Community Affairs – Diana Kemp is responsible for maintaining a data base with road representatives, providing new members with a welcome package and maintaining a community infrastructure program.


  1. ii) Membership – Anne Carter.  We have 97 members this year.  Thanks to David McKinney for setting up FOCA online membership payment.  The membership year is 01 Jan to 31 Dec.


iii) Lakeshore – John McDowell.  URLA is launching a new “sapling program” for 2020, to support the planting of up to 300 trees on the shoreline and adjoining properties of Upper Rideau Lake and its watershed.  The small seedling program was held in May and 390 trees/shrubs were distributed free of charge.  Further information can be obtained on our website www.urla.ca.


  1. iv) Public Relations/Webmaster – David McKinney. New postings will be done once a week.  We are on facebook.  It has been 1 year with the new website.  New ideas are always welcome.  David posted survey results for volunteer activities on the big screen.  If anyone wishes to volunteer or has any ideas on activities, please contact us even if it is only for a few hours.


  1. v) Water Quality/Navigation Buoy Program – Dave Counter. George Ingram handed over the management of the Navigation Buoy Program to Dennis Duncan this year.  Peter Newgard, Paul Byrne and Marc Robichaud will continue to install and maintain the buoys.   Regular maintenance was performed on the buoys and they were installed around the 24th of May weekend.




Jayne MacDonald, Past President, presented the following Motion:


  • Motion: to amend article 3 to By-law No 1 in order to accommodate the extra director positions, as follows:





  1. The applicants for incorporation shall become the first directors of the Corporation whose term of office on the board of directors shall continue until their successors are elected. The affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by a board of   9 up to 11 directors, comprising the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer together with 5 7 other directors, each of whom at the time of his or her election and throughout his or her term of office shall be a member of the Corporation.  Each director shall be elected to hold office until the first annual meeting after election or until his or her successor shall have been duly elected.  A director whose term of office has expired shall be eligible for re-election if otherwise qualified.  Provided that, notwithstanding the failure of the members to elect a full board of directors, provided that  a quorum of directors is then in office, such directors may then appoint, from among the members, a director or directors to establish the requisite number of directors.  At each annual meeting of members, the election of directors may be by a show of hands unless there is more than 1 nominee for any position, in which case, the election of directors shall be by way of written ballot.


Moved by Joan Duncan, seconded by Don Rasmussen – All in favor       Motion accepted


Jayne then presented the new Slate of Officers/Directors for the year 2019-2020 as follows:


President/Government Liaison:                            John McDowell

Vice President:                                                  Vacant

Secretary:                                                         Theresa (Terry) Frostad

Membership:                                                     Anne Carter

Treasurer:                                                         Michael Hogan

Lakeshore:                                                        Steve Moretti

Community Affairs:                                            Dana Menger

Public Relations /Webmaster:                             David McKinney

Water Quality/Navigation Buoy Program             Dave Counter

Member at Large:                                              Karyn Standen

Member at Large:                                              John Cottrill


Jayne then called for nominations from the floor to fill the Vice President position.  There were no nominations.



Moved by Joan Duncan, seconded by Wendy Stewart   –  Voted all in favor          Declared Duly Elected





  • Presentations to Long Standing Members (Wendy Stewart).


Lifetime membership awards were presented by Wendy Stewart, URLA Past President, to 3 long standing members of URLA for their many years of volunteer service and dedication to the Upper Rideau Lake Association.


Murray Kane – Treasurer for over 10 years

George Ingram – President, Past President and Navigation Buoy Program

Don Rasmussen – Navigation Buoy Program and Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation representative


Thank you on behalf of the Upper Rideau Lake Association.  Your many accomplishments and volunteer efforts over the years were greatly appreciated.   We wish you well in all your future endeavours.




  1. i) Jayne MacDonald stated a bass study is being conducted by Carleton University.  The bass were tagged at the recent bass tournament.  If you should catch one, website is on the tag for reporting.


  1. ii) Wendy Stewart asked if there was any further information regarding the Bass vs Walleye study.  URLA conducted a survey which indicated 60% walleye/40% bass and provided the results to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF).   Anne indicated that no further information has been received from MNRF and that URLA will keep members informed on the progress of this issue.




A HUGE thank you to the following for their generous support over the past year:


The Cove Inn – for providing a great spot for meetings, complete with coffee

Thanks you to our many volunteers, road reps, water samplers and AGM helpers (Linda and Glenn Wilcox).

Special thanks also to our Navigation Buoy team, George Ingram, Don Rasmussen, Peter Newgard, Paul Byrne, Marc Robichaud, and Dennis Duncan for once again installing and maintaining our navigation buoys.


MOTION:    Don Rasmussen moved that the meeting be adjourned seconded by George Ingram.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:35 pm.


President: John McDowell         ……………………………………………….


Secretary:  Terry Frostad           ………………………………………………..


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