Register for our virtual AGM (Sat. July 10, 10:00 am)
What kind of lake do you want?
Now is the time to start thinking about what kind of lake we would like in the future. We are all seeing a lot of development in our region – including on the Upper Rideau. Big development issues for us include Westport, which has a major subdivision well underway, expansions of local trailer-parks, as well ever more 4-season homes on the Upper Rideau.

Panel discussion with RCVA, a local planner and the mayors We will hear from two people who witness – and help to guide – development in our region every day: Sommer Casgrain-Robertson, who heads the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA), and Tracy Zander, a very experienced Professional Land Use Planner. Both are very familiar with our region and our lake – and they will help us interpret what we are seeing, and what it may mean.

We are also very fortunate to have Mayors Jones (Westport) and Hoogenboom (Township of Rideau Lakes) confirmed as leading participants. Our Mayors will share their thoughts and address questions from URLA members. We will have a very good discussion of development facing the Upper Rideau, what it means for our beautiful lake and how we can help! Business meeting to follow.

And then, the AGM will turn to the “business” of the Lake Association itself – presentation of our financial statements, information on all of the vital work done by our volunteers (marker buoys, water sampling, tree programs, membership and strategy, to name just a few accomplishments this past year!).

We will elect a Board for 2021. While our meeting is once again virtual – and this means, sadly, no hotdogs for the second year in a row – we all look forward to connecting directly with each other once again, for the 2021 AGM. To attend the AGM, you must register here.

See you all there, and take care.      

John McDowell
     President, Upper Rideau Lake Association

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