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Have your say onthe future ii for Foley Mountain

Oct. 10, 2019 – We’re updating Foley Mountain Conservation Area’s management plan, and we want your input on the future of Westport’s favourite outdoor oasis. The updated plan will guide the next 10 years of resource management, habitat enhancement, programming, infrastructure upgrades and other developments at Foley Mountain to best meet the needs and desires of visitors, donors, nearby businesses and other stakeholders. “We welcome public input, especially from our regular visitors and supporters who spend a lot of time in the park,” said Rebecca Whitman, site supervisor at Foley Mountain. “This is your chance to tell us what you love… 

Electors may be able to vote in their cottage riding.

An elector can only vote once. You may be able designate your cottage as your “ordinary residence” and vote in this riding.

In a federal election, even if you own property in more than one place, you may vote only once, in the riding of your “ordinary residence.” If you intend to designate your cottage riding as your ordinary residence for the purpose of voting in the federal election, FOCA recommends that you start the process early, to ensure everything goes smoothly when you go to vote.

FOCA asksFOCA asked Elections Canada to confirm how a voter can designate their cottage riding as the place where they intend to vote in the federal election. Click here to read the full response from Elections Canada, which involves designating your place of “ordinary residence.” Here’s an excerpt:

An elector can change their place of ordinary residence at the Voter Registration page of [Elections Canada’s] website, by contacting the local returning office during an election, with appropriate identification and proof of address. This can also be done at the polls, but it can take additional time. MORE

Conservation 2020: Fundraising campaign to protect local natural spaces

The Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation is excited to launch Conservation 2020: a major campaign to raise $125,000 toward keeping our natural areas in public hands forever.

Donors of large investments (between $10,000 and $25,000+ over five years) will be recognized in our media outreach and on the Foundation’s donor board. They’ll also receive some fun extras for the office, like complementary annual passes to our conservation areas, free facility rentals and even a staff retreat.

To invest in the region’s natural lands, contact Foundation executive director Diane Downey at 613-692-3571 ext. 1126 or

For more information about how the endowment works or to donate online, visit

URLA water quality

Watershed canada logoWatershed Watch

URLA have contracted the services of the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds to monitor the health of Upper Rideau Lake, 2002-2004. Water samples are taken at each of 12 established sites around the Lake. URLA volunteers have also aided the RVCA in their testing for the Watershed Watch Program, 2005-2010. Data taken from the samples is archived for long term trend analysis.

Click here for more information on water quality of the Upper Rideau Lake

URLA newsletter

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September newsletter
is now available.

Click HERE to view it.

-Message from the President
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-Province Moves to Constrain Conservation Authority Programs and Services
-Protect your lake by restoring a natural shoreline
-New Water Samplers
-Lake Links workshop day
-Interested in the history of the Rideau and the Upper Rideau Lake?
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