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URLA water quality

Watershed canada logoWatershed Watch

URLA have contracted the services of the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds to monitor the health of Upper Rideau Lake, 2002-2004. Water samples are taken at each of 12 established sites around the Lake. URLA volunteers have also aided the RVCA in their testing for the Watershed Watch Program, 2005-2010. Data taken from the samples is archived for long term trend analysis.

Click here for more information on water quality of the Upper Rideau Lake

URLA newsletter

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September newsletter
is now available.

Click HERE to view it.

-Message from the President
-Cottage country septic systems overview
-Friends of Murphy’s Point birch-bark canoe raffle
-Province Moves to Constrain Conservation Authority Programs and Services
-Protect your lake by restoring a natural shoreline
-New Water Samplers
-Lake Links workshop day
-Interested in the history of the Rideau and the Upper Rideau Lake?
-Dark skies

Friends of Murphy’s Point birch-bark canoe raffle

Friends of Murphy’s Point provincial park is conducting a raffle of a birch-bark canoe with the draw date being October 14. The canoe will be built next month in the park by Chuck Commanda who is a member of the Algonquin First Nations utilizing materials such as birch-bark, spruce roots and spruce gum most of which will be sourced in or near the park.

Birch Bark Murphys Point Raffle

To purchase tickets contact Don Goodfellow: email dlg@kingston.netphone 613-273-2132. He will be happy to make home delivery of tickets.

You are invited to the next Rideau Lakes Lake Association Committee Meeting

Logo Township of Rideau LakesThe URLA is working – in concert with other lake Associations in the township of Rideau Lakes – to support more rigorous municipal development policy and enforcement. Rideau Lakes Council, led by Mayor Hoogenboom, has established a new Committee, the “Rideau Lakes Lake Association Committee” (quite a moniker!), which includes representation from our Association and others. Our first meeting was largely a canvas of the expertise and ideas around the table – and there were plenty of both.
The next meeting – August 29th- will seek advice on a proposal to place development site plan conditions on the title of waterfront property in our township. These meetings are open to the public, and the next meeting is:

August 29th, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.
Portland Community Hall – Township of Rideau Lakes
24 Water St, Portland, ON K0G 1V0

Province Moves to Constrain Conservation Authority Programs and Services

NEWMARKET (August 19, 2019) Conservation authorities and Conservation Ontario are stunned by a letter that the Province circulated recommending that conservation authorities start shutting down any programs not related to their ‘core mandate’ as described by the Province in the proposed changes to the Conservation Authorities Act earlier this year. MORE