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annual general meeting

A huge THANK YOU to our Sponsors. Their financial assistance allows us to implement new initiatives and maintain ongoing programs. Sponsorship entitles companies to many benefits  Click here it find out about corporate membership


Benefits of membershipBenefits of membership

You can help keep our lake beautiful and save money on exclusive member benefits


annual general meetingMembers only

Individuals and their families who are members of the URLA receive exclusive FOCA benefits which could save thousands of dollars. Your membership helps keep our lake beautiful through our efforts to reduce pollution and maintain water quality.


Road repsRoad associations

List of road reps for each road association



volunteers needed

Volunteer opportunities

You can volunteer for a couple of hours, a day or on a regular basis. For example you can take a boat ride and collect water samples which can teach your kids about the environment and about volunteering. Join our board, get school hours, help place shoal markers test water quality are just some of the possibilities

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