URLA 2018 Annual General meeting

AGM 2018
Annual General meeting     

July 7th. 2018, 10am
North Crosby Community Centre
Shillington Park,
8th. Concession/County Road 10
Westport, ON

Ron Holman, Mayor, Township of Rideau Lakes
Robin Jones, Mayor of Westport
Joffre Cote, Management Biologist, OMNRF
Presentation on Defibrillators for Road Associations

9:30am – Coffee and muffins
10:00 am – Meeting
Noon – Hot dog BBQ (free)

Everyone welcome – Come and join us


Reducing how much nitrogen enters a lake has little impact on algal blooms

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Lakes suffering from harmful algal blooms may not respond to reduced, or even discontinued, artificial nitrogen loading. Many blue-green algae responsible for algal blooms can fix atmospheric nitrogen dissolved in the water, and therefore water stewards should focus their efforts on removing phosphorus from lakes to combat algal blooms.  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/12/171218120227.htm

Graphic profile of Rideau canal


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This graphic is a profile (longsection) of the Rideau Canal, showing how the locks and dams regulate the water levels between Lake Ontario (at 74.0 metres above sea level), the summit at Upper Rideau Lake (at 124.65 metres above sea level) and the Ottawa River (at 40.8 metres above sea level).

The watershed divide is at Newboro (a bedrock ridge separating Upper Rideau Lake from Newboro Lake). Water from Upper Rideau Lake flows north to the Ottawa River, water from Newboro Lake flows south to Lake Ontario (Kingston) and to the St. Lawrence River (Gananoque).

While Upper Rideau Lake is the highest part of the Rideau Canal, it is not the top of the watershed. Water flows into Upper Rideau Lake from higher up on the Rideau River Watershed and water flows into Newboro Lake from higher up on the Cataraqui River Watershed. For a look at the watersheds and how they changed with the building of the Rideau Canal see the watersheds section of the Rideau Route