Weeds on rake

We are all dealing with an unusual quantity of weeds this year. Here is what Westport is doing. No cut weeds are being left in the lake to float up on other properties. THANK YOU Westport.

Here is what to do about weeds

Aquatic Vegetation Cutting Permit Conditions

Instructions for Making Application to Perform Work in the Waters and along the Shorelines of the Rideau Canal

Do I need a permit


Staff at the Harbour have been spending hours every day raking the weeds and pulling them out of the water.  Most days at least 20 garbage bags of weeds are removed.  It has been a very unusual summer.

The Village hires a contractor annually to cut the weeds and this year that occurred on Friday, July 6.  The contractor removed the weeds from the water and delivered them to a local property owner who used them as fertilizer.

I suspect every home and business owner on the Upper Rideau this year has the same challenge.  If anyone wants to help out at the Harbour, please contact Harbour Master Kevin Kardash.  Or if you want some of the weeds for fertilizer, come on down to the Harbour and help yourself to a few bags!

We can all help to improve water quality and keep Upper Rideau Lake beautiful


C20064BF-F7D7-4959-955F-D3379E73A8FDThe hot weather affects our lake which is eutrophic. This article is extracted from a report of Environment and Climate Change Canada. See the full report HERE http://www.ec.gc.ca/grandslacs-greatlakes/default.asp?lang=En&n=6201fd24-1

Phosphorus and Excess Algal Growth. Solutions and Actions. What is Environment and Climate Change Canada Doing to Address Phosphorus and Excess Algal Blooms?

Within the Great Lakes basin, Environment and Climate Change Canada recognizes the interconnectedness of these issues and has worked with its partners to address phosphorus and excess algal blooms by using a combination of science, governance and action. Setting objectives for phosphorus loadings to the Great Lakes is key to the success of phosphorus reduction efforts. This work is being done in collaboration with partners at the binational, domestic, provincial and local levels……

What Can You Do to Help?
Everyone can practice phosphorus reduction activities. Here are some ideas:

-Compost your food waste instead of using a kitchen food waste disposal garburator. -Keeping food out of wastewater treatment plants helps to reduce nutrient loadings info the lakes.
-Use phosphorus-free and slow release organic fertilizers on your lawn and garden, and use them only when it’s not raining or when rain is not being forecasted.
-Have your septic system inspected regularly and ensure it is properly used and maintained.


URLA Annual General Meeting

All canditates meetingThe Annual General Meeting and Barbeque on July 7, 2018 was attended by 70 people which included the mayors of Westport and the Township of Rideau Lakes and some of the councilors.


This year the URLA introduced a new website (urla.ca) with information about activities around the lake. It has links to calendars of events and services for surrounding communities, volunteer opportunities for high school students and others who want to improve our community, tourist information for visitors, and information about the ecology of our lake.


Recently, the URLA launched an initiative to have defibrillators available to neighbours at a reasonable shared cost. If a person drowns or has a heart attack, using a defibrillator in the first ten minutes may save their life. In many areas it takes more than ten minutes for emergency services to arrive.


The Ministry of Natural Resources presented information on the fish populations of Upper Rideau Lake. Walleye are not reproducing and a solution being considered is to stock the lake with shoal breeding  Walleye that reproduce sustainably. However, the population of bass would have to be reduced so that the young Walleye do not just get eaten leaving us with a lake full of smiling, happy bass. 

Annual General Meeting URLA

All canditates meeting

Annual General meeting     

July 6th. 2019, 10am
North Crosby Community Centre
Shillington Park,
8th. Concession/County Road 10
Westport, ON

9:30am – Coffee and muffins
10:00 am – Meeting
Noon – Hot dog BBQ (free)

Everyone welcome – Come and join us




Ask a neighbour or friend to join the URLA or bring them to our annual general meeting. Our strength is in our numbers when lobbying for sound environmental practices to keep our lake beautiful. They can join URLA online: Click here.
Noon – Hot dog BBQ (free)

Everyone welcome – Come and join us

See you Saturday
The URLA Board

URLA 2018 Annual General meeting

AGM 2018
Annual General meeting     

July 7th. 2018, 10am
North Crosby Community Centre
Shillington Park,
8th. Concession/County Road 10
Westport, ON

Ron Holman, Mayor, Township of Rideau Lakes
Robin Jones, Mayor of Westport
Joffre Cote, Management Biologist, OMNRF
Presentation on Defibrillators for Road Associations

9:30am – Coffee and muffins
10:00 am – Meeting
Noon – Hot dog BBQ (free)

Everyone welcome – Come and join us


Reducing how much nitrogen enters a lake has little impact on algal blooms

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Lakes suffering from harmful algal blooms may not respond to reduced, or even discontinued, artificial nitrogen loading. Many blue-green algae responsible for algal blooms can fix atmospheric nitrogen dissolved in the water, and therefore water stewards should focus their efforts on removing phosphorus from lakes to combat algal blooms.  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/12/171218120227.htm