BenefitsAs a member of URLA, you support our efforts to maintain the water quality of our lake. You will receive Newsletters and be entitled to attend and influence meetings of the Association where the direction of URLA is established and to speak directly to our elected representatives. You would save thousands of $ if you took advantage of all of the special offers below which are available to URLA members from FOCA


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Lake partnership programADVOCACY: URLA has been very active throughout the recent Westport sewage treatment plant failure and replacement. URLA advocates on changes to permitting and development guidelines and regulations, as well as strategic planning by the Township. URLA also takes the lead in sponsoring an “All Candidates Meeting”, prior to each municipal election.



hazard buoy

Water hazard buoys
Membership helps support the maintenance of the Water hazard buoys (the white and orange markers.) Navigation buoys are maintained by the URLA in McNally Bay, Round Island and Little Brothers. The buoys are set out under a permit from Parks Canada. This helps boaters and your guests avoid some of the lake’s shoals, potentially saving the cost of a new propeller (or worse).


Water quality report imageWater quality
For people who swim in the lake or use the water in other ways, membership supports activities such as Water quality testing, shoreline assessments, monitoring the Township septic inspection program, tree and shrub giveaway, and public awareness programs. We alert members to problems, such as blue-green algae blooms. We organize information meetings for members to meet politicians on different issues. Lake water quality directly affects lakefront property values!

URLA liaises with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and has acted to protect our interests with regard to the commercial fishery on the lake, and informs members about restocking initiatives – and invasive species.


Shorline4Shoreline renewal program
URLA’s annual planting program can help. A variety of trees and shrubs are available free of charge to all property owners around the lake. Choose from the plants below that prefer either moist or dry conditions and you will form a natural filtering mechanism that can contribute to better water quality.


URLA newsletterNewsletter Provide information to our members and the public via our newsletter and public meetings (both AGM and special purpose meetings).


volunteers neededVolunteer opportunities You can volunteer for a couple of hours, a day or on a regular basis. For example you can take a boat ride and collect water samples which can teach your kids about the environment and about volunteering.


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