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 July 2019


All canditates meetingURLA AGM 2019
Annual General meeting     

July 6th. 2019, 10am
North Crosby Community Centre
Shillington Park,
8th. Concession/County Road 10
Westport, ON

9:30am – Coffee and muffins
10:00 am – Meeting
Noon – Hot dog BBQ (free)

Everyone welcome – Come and join us




The Upper Rideau Lake Association (URLA) is launching a new “sapling program” for 2020, to support the planting of up to 300 saplings on the shoreline/adjoining properties of Upper Rideau Lake and its watershed.  

This habitat restoration program will supplement the existing URLA small seedling program, by planting larger plants to more immediately improve lake water quality and the shoreline environment.  Let’s do everything we can to improve our lake water quality!

Saplings will be a “2 gallon size, comprising indigenous species of trees or shrubs. (These plants are between 1 and 4 feet in height, depending on species.)

Trees/shrubs are offered to URLA members and others on the lake/watershed on a “first-come, first-first served” basis. The exact mix of species will depend on availability from the nursery in the fall.

Cost to URLA members is $3.00/sapling.  The price for non-members is $12/tree both prices are fantastic savings!

Please note: Maximum order is 5 trees/shrubs per household.

Payment in advance we need your payment by September 30, 2019. Electronic fund transfer to URLA is the preferred payment method. 

Your trees will be available for pickup in early May 2020.

In launching this vital program, we want to very much thank our funding and supplier partners, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA), and the Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation (RLEF).


This is free to members of the URLALake network succession seminarThis is free to members of the URLA


Road reps

Resources for
road associations
from FOCA


C522145A-0D9E-43E5-8E15-7F3056783C16Water monitors are getting a new tool to tackle toxic algae in Lake Winnipeg

Every summer, Canada’s sixth-largest freshwater lake gets choked with toxic algae blooms.

The blue-green algae deposits slime on Lake Winnipeg’s shores and sucks oxygen from the water, killing animal life and endangering humans with toxins that can attack the liver or nervous system.

…The growth of this bacteria is fed by spikes in phosphorus in the water supply, stemming from industrial activity like fertilizers used in agriculture or lawn care, septic systems and other sources that leach into lakes and rivers. MORE


11 Cool Things You Never Knew about Fireflies


E82F153D-6E65-4A3D-BEC7-66363C1D2636The flashes of fireflies on a warm summer night remind many of us of our carefree childhood sense of wonder. With firefly season almost upon us, their enchanting light displays will soon spark our curiosity and capture our imaginations.

Perhaps because we are so familiar with them, either from growing up chasing them or seeing them portrayed in art, film and books, we may think that we know all about these simple insects. Yet our flashy friends have a dark side that includes little-known tales of deception, poisoning and death. As summer approaches, here are 11 cool things about fireflies that you might not know. MORE.


Lake Protection Workbook logo

Lake Protection Workbook

The Lake Networking Group has prepared a Lake Protection Workbook, a tool designed for you to
self-assess whether activities and uses on your property are
protecting your lake. Practical information, recommendations and space for recording improvements are offered to assist you in your lake protection efforts. Your completed workbook is for you to keep and is completely confidential.



img_0612Time to renew URLA membership for 2019. Fees are due now

Support us by renewing early and save! Membership is $30.00 when you renew before our AGM. Join or renew now. You do not need to be a lakefront property owner. Membership is open to everyone who cares about our lake. Join or renew your URLA membership online: Click here.

Canada post logo

You may also join by mailing in your information and your cheque URLA_MEMBERSHIP_FORM at the bottom


Benefits of Membership You can help keep our lake beautiful and save money on exclusive member benefits


Become a corporate sponsor



RVCF logoThe Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation is a registered environmental charity working to help protect and conserve the lands and waters of the valley of the Rideau River in Eastern Ontario.

The Conservation Foundation builds partnerships and seeks new individuals, corporations and groups wanting to get involved in the vital work of taking care of our own natural environment.More


Please volunteer for a couple of hours

We are looking for volunteers on committees to run the programs people liked in our First survey summary.

Survey monkey summary photo

volunteers neededYou can volunteer for a couple of hours, a day or on a regular basis. For example you can take a boat ride and collect water samples which can teach your kids about the environment and about volunteering.


Please volunteer by completing this contact form.



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