Rideau Lakes Environmental Fund

The RLEF is a non-profit foundation that works with the BRLA and URLA to protect the lakes that we love. All RLEF directors are members of our local lake association

While our status as a foundation prevents us from taking a direct advocacy role, we continue to assist the lake associations in engaging with other stakeholders such as the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, Parks Canada, M.N.R., Environment Ontario, and Township councils. The OMB Appeal on behalf of BRLA is an example of our assistance.

Shoal Markers

In the past we have contributed funding for the Big Rideau and Upper Rideau hazard markers, although our budgets did not permit doing so for the last two years. With your support we can ensure the markers continue to protect boaters traversing our waterways!

We’re a registered charity, get a tax receipt!

RLEF is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization. The CRA registration number for RLEF is 13978 9713 RR0001. As a registered charity, we will acknowledge your donation with a receipt that can be used for your income taxes. In addition, you can earmark your contribution for the navigation markers or for Westport Sewage Treatment oversight, if that is your preference.

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