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URLA has recruited representatives from each road or other geographic entity, such as Westport, around our lake.  These representatives perform a number of functions: they maintain and share with URLA a database of their road’s residents’ names, addresses and other contact information; they identify new residents, welcome them to the community and give them a welcome package if information about the lake from URLA and add them to the database; they encourage all residents on their road to consider becoming members of URLA, often at their annual road association meeting.

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The URLA provides a free web presence to road associations whose board members are also members of the URLA. We do all the work – all you have to do is provide the data and pictures in a word or google docs format which will be pasted into your own web pages.

Your web pages can include a welcome page with links to other pages. Pages can be password protected so they are accessible only to members in good standing or to the board. (Passwords can be different for each page) You can post your constitution, AGM minutes, board minutes or a road directory

You can provide a web address to your members to directly access your web page. Your page can also be accessed from the URLA members road association page by clicking on the name of your road association. Click on the road association named “Template” to see what you can do.

The URLA maintains a database of all properties and residents. This web hosting service is free. We request that you provide up to date contact information for your residents.

Road reps

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Take a look at the list of roads and road reps in this section and see if your road has a road rep.  If not, please consider volunteering to be the road rep.

Road Road Rep
1145 NS RD McDowell John   Smith Allison
1208 NL RD Hawkins Jane Frances
371-380 SUNNYSIDE Todd Douglas & Susan
ADRAINS CREEK LN Teixeria John & Maria
BLAIR POINT LANE Menger Conny & Dana
BLUE HERON LANE Davis Brenda   Ellis Phil
CARLETON ST Frostad Kim & Theresa
HOPPER LANE and Sparrow Lane as Rd Rep Holden Janet
KANES LANE Adams Stan & Gail
MARKS LANE Kane Murray & Louise
MCBRIDE POINT Bowlby Gary & Mary
MCNALLY’S LANE Kemp Bruce & Diana
MILL FLAT LANE Holmes Colleen
MILLER LANE Rogers Dave & Diana
MOUNTAINVIEW LANE Debois Marc   Hodgins Beverley
NEWPORT VILLAGE Lavoie Joseph & Barbara
PENNY LANE Lucas Chris & Janice
PIPERS BAY LANE Carter Tom & Anne
RIDEAU VIEW/MAPLE GROVE Wilkinson Brian & Diane
SCOTT LANE Rasussen Don & Kersti   Rasmussen Derek
SUGARHOUSE LANE Lingenfelter Lou & Beverley Ann
WAGON WHEEL LN Ferguson Marsha
WATER ACCESS Stewart Ronald & Wendy
WESTPORT Goodfellow Don

Road reps

In order to maintain contact with lake residents, URLA maintains a mailing list of addresses and/or emails of all those who live around the lake and updates it regularly through the information collected by road representatives.  URLA guarantees that this information is kept confidential within the organization.

Newsletters are sent to all those on our contact list, whether members or not.  However, we strongly encourage our contacts to become members.  Road representatives are in a very good position to do this.  URLA needs the active participation of lake users and residents in order to maintain relevancy and carry out its many activities.

A very important function of URLA, its unique database and road representative system is the maintenance of an infrastructure that is ready to immediately take on any issue that arises with respect to our lake.  For example when it was revealed that Westport’s sewage treatment system was failing and effluent had been discharged into the lake, URLA was immediately ready to  help tackle the situation and find a solution that preserved the health of our lake.

Take a look at the list of roads and road reps in this section and see if your road has a road rep.  If not, please consider volunteering to be the road rep.

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