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Average weather

The summers are warm and partly cloudy and the winters are freezing, snowy, and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from -14°C to 26°C and is rarely below -24°C or above 31°C.


Water quality 2Water quality

Upper Rideau Lake is an integral part of the Rideau Canal National Historic Site, the Rideau Waterway Canadian Heritage River, the Rideau Canal UNESCO World Heritage Site

RVCA WISKI Charts – Water Level and Flow


Ecology Ecology

The Rideau Canal is a waterway located in Ontario, Canada that extends from the City of Kingston in the south to City of Ottawa in the north, a distance of 202 km (125 miles). From Lake Ontario at Kingston the canal rises 50.6 metres (166.2 ft.) to the summit of Upper Rideau Lake and then descends 83.8 metres (275 ft.) to the Ottawa River at Ottawa (see the Profile of the Rideau Waterway).

Shoreline restoration

Shoreline restoration


Fishing and hunting




dark skies lakeDark skies. Have you ever wandered around at night without a flashlight?

At first, you can’t see a thing. Yet over the next 20 minutes, your eyes slowly adjust to the darkness of the night. Yet if we shine our flashlight again, we go right back to not being able to see a thing. –

AFTER ABOUT FIVE MINUTES in darkness, our eyes become up to 30 times more sensitive than they are to bright light. After about a half hour, they become 100,000 times as sensitive. –2

On a clear night in 1994, an earthquake rumbled beneath Los Angeles and caused a city-wide power outage just before dawn. Startled awake, some residents who had stumbled outside called various emergency centers and a local observatory to report a mysterious cloud overhead. –3. MORE



Fauna of the Rideau


Environment – Invasive Species


RLEF logoRideau Lakes Environmental Foundation (RLEF)

The RLEF is a non-profit foundation that works with the BRLA and URLA to protect the lakes that we love. All RLEF directors are members of our local lake associations.

What’s Up
Continued Engagement

While our status as a foundation prevents us from taking a direct advocacy role, we continue to assist the lake associations in engaging with other stakeholders such as the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, Parks Canada, M.N.R., Environment Ontario, and Township councils. The OMB Appeal on behalf of BRLA is an example of our assistance.

Shoal Markers

In the past we have contributed funding for the Big Rideau and Upper Rideau hazard markers, although our budgets did not permit doing so for the last two years. With your support we can ensure the markers continue to protect boaters traversing our waterways!

We’re a registered charity, get a tax receipt!

RLEF is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization. The CRA registration number for RLEF is 13978 9713 RR0001. As a registered charity, we will acknowledge your donation with a receipt that can be used for your income taxes. In addition, you can earmark your contribution for the navigation markers or for Westport Sewage Treatment oversight, if that is your preference.

We need your support. Donate now!  CANADAHELPS.ORG



rideau waterways land trust logo

To preserve important natural lands and habitat in the Rideau Corridor and foster a healthy future for our communities.


friends of foley mountain logo

The Friends of Foley Mountain is a non-profit charitable organization which was established in 1996 by a group of Westport area residents. The Friends’ mission is to preserve and maintain Foley Mountain Conservation Area in its natural state for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations.

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